Red and Royal Blue Graduation Cord Picture

You did it! Graduation day is here! Congratulations! Let us here at Honors Graduation help you celebrate. Our red and royal blue honor graduation cords are a nice subtle tribute to your success. They are a great way to help commemorate your hard work and achievements.

Our red and royal blue honor cords are similar to our royal blue and red honor cords with the exception that there is more red. The cords are made up of the same high quality rayon but these particular cords have two strands of red and one strand of royal blue twisted together to make one cord. The honor cords have a 4 inch tassel at each end and stretch 70 inches. They are 1/4 inch thick and lay nicely as to not get in the way or irritate the skin. If you would like a little more volume you can also order one solid red honor cord and one royal blue honor cord and tie them together. Both looks are elegant and beautiful.

Red is a strong color that represents a lot of different common things. But it is said that if you want confidence to go after your dreams, you should have more red in your life. If you want to broaden your perspective in learning new information, you should add more blue to your life. Blue is also known to bring feelings of relaxation. What a perfect combination of colors and feelings for the graduating student ready and anxious to enter the world of new beginnings!

Here at Honors Graduation we guarantee great service and quality honor cords. We understand the stress that can come prior to the big day and are confident in being able to make sure your purchase with us is easy and smooth. Our red and royal blue honor cords are a great buy. Order now!

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