Red and Orange Graduation Cord Picture

If you are looking for quality graduation cords that are beautiful and made with good material so they can hold up for not only graduation day but for your graduates to have as a keepsake as well, Honors Graduation has what you need. Our red and orange graduation cords are made from rayon and have a fantastic look and feel to them. It will come with two strands in red and one strand in orange and braided together to make one cord, at each end of the cord will be a tassel that will have both red and orange combined. From end to end our honor cords measure to be 70 inches in length and are 1/4 inch in thickness. The red and orange graduation cords embody the qualities of strength, endurance, adventure and enthusiasm. On graduation day your graduates will appreciate the meaning behind their red and orange honor cords and can embrace these qualities as they start their new beginning.

Leading up to graduation, a student has a lot on their minds and schedule. They are preparing to finish up with something they have been working towards for years, receiving their diploma or degree. The last few months can be quite stressful for a student preparing to graduate, they have all the final assignments and end of year testing. Not to mention all they need to do to prepare for graduation day itself, meeting with an advisor to make sure they are squared away for graduation, ordering all the attire (cap and gown) and invitations to send out, and much more. It can seem overwhelming, but on graduation day, and with all the excitement and feelings of accomplishment, they will see that it was worth the efforts to get there! Honor cords are an important part of graduation day they can help in celebrating the graduate for their achievements they have made or participated in and show your support and gratitude for all they have done. So get your red and orange graduation cords ordered now so we can get them shipped to you today!

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