Red and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

In old and new chinese cultures the color red signifies good luck and bravery, while gold is said to bring wealth and happiness. What better colors to have your students walking into graduation with? The red and gold honor cords help the graduates to feel pride and courage on their way into their undiscovered future. Having the knowledge behind them that they have accomplished great things and made it into the next chapter of their lives. Understanding that there will be challenges ahead, the red and gold colors in the graduation cords will be a reminder in the times to come that they can do anything they set their minds too.

These graduation honor cords made with durable, all synthetic material are definitely strong, yet with the rayon cordage they have amazing flexibility. The ropes looks and feel silky, but you know they aren't going to fall apart.The quality of these cords makes it so they can last, and be there to stand the test of time along with these keen and excited young adults.

A collection of honor societies use the majestic and bold colors of red and gold in their honor cords, such as the Leadership Studies Honor Society. Red and gold go great with a variety of different colored robes. The traditional black robe naturally would look very good with the graduation honor cords over it, however it could go with a large array of different colored robes. Both of the colors in the rope would make a good match as a robe, a white, or royal blue robe would also go just as well.

Along with robes, the red and gold honor cords would pair well with another cord. Especially a solid gold, red, black, or white cord. Signifying exceptional scholarly successes. Any color cord you match it with would give it it's own personality, and feeling.

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