Purple, Teal, and Kelly Green Graduation Cord

If you want to look flawless next to your peers during this graduation, you can trust Honors Graduation with all of your wardrobe wants and needs. Graduation is one of the monumental segments in your life where family and loved ones gather to show their support and celebrate their graduating student for all that they have done. You did not make it this far without learning a lesson or two but with every challenge that you were able to overcome you learned that as long as you keep fighting and never give up you can do anything. Honor students as well as students who have earned some kind of achievement typically show it using graduation cords. Our purple, teal, and kelly green graduation cords are an excellent choice when it comes to representing yourself at your graduation ceremony this year. These colors have a natural flow to them for a great look. Graduating students normally dress in a gown and wear a cap along with graduation cords at the time of the ceremony. During all of the commotion going on at your graduation be sure to take a moment to pause and reflect on everything that you have accomplished to reach this point, your next adventure is not far ahead.

We have made it our mission to help students look astonishing at their graduation, that is why we only offer the highest quality of graduation apparel. The material called rayon that we use to make our graduation cords is not only stunning but it is very strong as well. To make the purple, teal, and kelly green graduation cord set, we tie the 3 separate cords (one of each color) together in the center of the cords to create the final product which is approximately 70 inches in length. Thanks to the durability of our cords you will be able to hang onto yours for years to come, toss it in a drawer or keep it on display to remind yourself of all your hard work.

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