Purple and Silver Graduation Cord Picture

Purple and silver graduation cords can bring the feeling of prestige to your graduates on their special day. The rich color of purple and brightness of the silver twisted together really make an attractive graduation cord. The purple honor cords manifest individualism, creativity, and future while silver honor cords manifest reflection, wisdom and responsibility. When you combine the meaning of the two honor cords into a purple and silver graduation cord your graduates will love the positive and powerful qualities it represents.

Have you ever wondered what all the hype about graduation day is all about? Well, for many this day is something they have envisioned in their minds for a very long time. A day that will celebrate all of the efforts they put forth and all the time they spent completing all that was required to get to this point. On graduation day there is a commencement ceremony that is held for all the graduates of a graduating class. At the commencement ceremony the graduates are honored and applauded, it is where a graduate will listen to the speeches of peers and school leaders, and where they will one by one make the well-deserved walk across the stage as their name is called out to receive either their diploma or degree. If you look up the meaning of commencement you will see that it means a new beginning. Graduations are a way to also acknowledge the end or finish of one part or section of a graduate's life and with everything they have learned and developed, start a new beginning of a new section of their lives. At a commencement ceremony all the graduates will be dressed in a cap and gown and those that have been awarded honor cords will wear those as well. Our purple and silver graduation cords can be a perfect addition to your commencement ceremony to celebrate a graduate for a job well done.

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