Purple and Kelly Green Graduation Cord

Honors Graduation cords are a subtle tribute to honor societies participated in by an individual. Honor cords are usually given to those who excel in an area, especially if they belong to an honor society. It is an honor to be able to wear the colors of your society or chapter and represent them as you graduate.

Our purple and kelly green honor graduation cords add such an elegant touch to the traditional solid colored cap and gown. Purple and kelly green are strong, bold colors. Green is the color of nature, life. Green means protection from fears and anxiety. Purple is so closely tied to regality but also means to remove obstacles in your life. Purple is meant to both calm and energize. Purple and kelly green help to find that balance in life that is sometimes hard to find when things get stressful and overwhelming. These two colors are the perfect combination for the anxious and excited graduate.

The purple and kelly green honor cords are made of a high quality rayon that looks and feels nice. These particular cords have two purple strands and one kelly green strand twisted together to make one long cord. The cords have a four inch tassel at each end. From the end of one tassel to the end of the other, the cords measure 70 inches and 1/4 inch thick. Because of the high quality material the cords are made of, they will not irritate the skin. They are long and thick enough to show off but not get in the way. If you want to tie a few cords together for more volume you can! By themselves or together in a bunch these cords are beautiful.

Here at Honors Graduation we know how stressful and important the big day can be. We guarantee nothing but quality not only in our product but our service. We make sure your transaction goes smoothly and that you are satisfied. Order now!

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