Pink and Green Graduation Cord Picture

Every year friends, families, and loved ones come together to honor their student who has made the necessary sacrifices and put in all of the hard work that it takes to make it to graduation. Graduation is a time to cherish, be sure to take a moment to let it all sink in. Reflect on the memories and friends made as well as the hardships that you have overcome, your journey may not have been the easiest but if you hang onto everything that you have learned it will tremendously benefit you as time goes on. As this road ends you will soon turn start on another, look your best for your graduation with a little help from Honors Graduation. Students almost always wear a cap, gown, and graduation cords to their ceremony, we have all your wardrobe needs covered along with great customer service that knows just how to help. If you are looking for graduation cords in pink and green we have the perfect double cord set for you. The soft pastel like pink is an outstanding way to compliment the green, it really brings out the vividness of the green for a lively cord set.

At Honors Graduation we are here to help, it is our goal to have you looking just right for your important day. Our graduation cords also make a great keepsake for those that want to hang on to them as a reminder of all that they have accomplished. We use a strong yet beautiful material called rayon to make our graduation cords, giving the cords their great looks and long life. The pink and green double cord set is made by tying the two individual cords in the middle. Each of the single cords is made by braiding 3 strands of rayon together which adds extra strength, the final product is 70 inches long.

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