Pink and White Graduation Cord Picture

Getting everything ready for graduation day for a student can seem mind-boggling. Not only have these students been working for years to arrive at this important day by giving of their time, energy and hard work to complete all that is necessary to graduate, but also the tedious task of getting everything they need for their graduation day. Not having to worry about ordering their own honor cords is a bonus for them. Honor cords are awarded to the graduates for any academic excellence they achieved, for being members of a honor society or fraternity, being involved in leadership or even participating in school clubs or groups. Pink and white graduation cords are visually subtle and blend in with any commencement ceremony theme. The pink and white graduation cords can be a very special way to honor your graduates. Pink honor cords signify respect, love and a calming effect while white honor cords signify purity, being efficient, complete and new beginnings. When you put the pink and white cords together they create a soft and beautiful graduation cord. Your graduates will appreciate the meaning of having a sense of respect, love, efficiency, being complete, and a feeling of calmness to start their new beginning

With all the effort a student puts into finally arriving to the day, they will stroll across the stage and be handed the degree or diploma they sought after. Your graduates will want to remember this moment. Our pink and white graduation cords are a perfect token for a graduate to not only have to set them apart, but to keep for years after to look back on what they achieved. Honors Graduation uses the best material to ensure the durability and beauty of our graduation cords. The pink and white graduation cords will come with 3 ropes tightly woven together (two of the ropes will be pink and one of the ropes will be white), at the end of the woven ropes will be a tassel that will have pink and white combined.

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