Pink and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

To receive a degree or diploma is a huge accomplishment and not an easy task. In order to reach this goal, students put in countless hours of learning, school work, attending classes, essays and self sacrifice to attain the great achievement of graduating with honors. Every student looks forward to hearing their name called out as they walk in front of the audience to finally get that diploma or degree they so tenaciously worked at achieving. Honor cords are used by colleges, universities and high schools to set apart graduates that graduate with honors, members of an honor society or make notice of graduates who had special accomplishments and participation. Pink and gold graduation cords are very subtle honor cords but are also very beautiful in appearance. The pink honor cords are very soft in color and represent hope, intuition and have a calming nature. The gold honor cords exemplify wisdom, success, and wealth. When you combine them to make the pink and gold graduation cords, your graduates will find these traits comforting on their graduation day and as they embark upon a new beginning.

Pink and gold graduation cords can be awarded to graduates as either a primary or secondary honor cord. Honors Graduation makes sure that our honor cords are made superior so that they will last. Honor cords are very commonly kept by graduates as a token of all the years they dedicated to earning it. Each of the pink and gold graduation cords will come with 3 strands elegantly twisted together (two strands will be pink and one strand will be gold) and at the end will be a tassel that will have pink and gold combined. If you are needing to order more than just the pink and gold honor cords, Honors Graduation has a large variety of colors and options to meet your needs.

Our customers appreciate our low pricing and the ability to order in bulk for an added discount. We offer flat rate shipping and all orders are shipped very quickly and delivered 2-3 day after an order is completed.

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