Orange, Silver, and Royal Blue Graduation Cord Picture

We celebrate our students who have given it their all to successfully complete this portion of their life by honoring them with a graduation ceremony. Graduation is a time where friends and family come together to show their support for graduating students, be sure to take some time to appreciate everyone who has helped you make it to where you are today. It is no simple task to accomplish all that you have, it takes years and years of hard work and dedication to remain steady on the path to graduation. At Honors Graduation we have just what you need to look sharp among your peers for this graduation. Normally students who are graduating wear a cap, gown, and graduation cords at the time of the ceremony. Graduation cords can have a variety of meaning behind them, honor students and students who have earned any achievements indicate so by wearing them. Another common use for graduation cords is to show your pride in your school by wearing your school colors. Our orange, silver, and royal blue graduation cord set is a vibrant way to represent yourself, this triple cord set was meant to go together. Each of the colors coordinate perfectly, the shine of the silver bring out the brightness of the orange and royal blue for a really powerful look.

Honors Graduation offers the best in graduation attire and will do our best to help you look perfect for this monumental day. Our graduation cords look stunning and are highly durable at the same time, this is thanks to the material and process in which each cord is made. We braid 3 strands of the material, rayon, beautifully together making each individual cord. We then take the three different colored cords and tie them to each other at the center to create the 70 inch long orange silver & royal blue triple cord set.

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