Orange and White Graduation Cord Picture

Honors Graduation offers the highest quality of honor cords to our customers. Our orange and white graduation cords are sure to pop in color and you and your graduates will be grateful for the synthetic material our cords are constructed of to create honor cords that will not only make it through graduation day but last for years to come as a keepsake to look back on. These vibrant orange and white graduation cords are sure to stand out against the caps and gowns of your graduates and will look amazing at the commencement ceremony.

The orange honor cords radiate self confidence, creativity, and adventure and the white honor cords reflects being self-sufficient, and new beginnings. Together the orange and white graduation cords will bring special meaning to your graduates as they move on to a new period of their lives and they will appreciate the qualities of self-confidence, creativity, adventure, being self-sufficient, and new beginnings to help them with this transition.

Honor cords are commonly used amongst high schools and universities to set apart their students who participated in extracurricular school activities or went above and beyond on academic achievements. Another great way to bring honor cords into a graduation is with your school colors, graduates love the feeling of wearing their school pride on their graduation day. We want to make sure that you're well taken care of when you order with Honors Graduation--know that you will be very happy with the graduation cords you order. Make sure to check out all of our options as we have many colors to decide from. We have very competitive pricing and if you order in bulk we have a bulk discount. So don't delay, go to our order page and put your orange and white graduation cords order in today.

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