Navy Blue, Forest Green, and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation is a time of celebration and reflection, as your graduates prepare to take the next step in their lives, and remember all that they have done to reach this moment. Graduate ropes are an excellent way to help your students recognize all that they have been able to accomplish, and our navy, green, and gold cords are the perfect choice for honoring their success. Navy, forest, and gold graduation cords represent both the hard work and the reward of lifelong learning, and will work great at any ceremony, whether they are used to single out students who are graduating with special honors, or are just used as a way to incorporate the school colors into the ceremony.

Our navy blue, forest, and gold honor cords are made from all synthetic material, and are sure to be a lasting memento of your graduate's success for years to come. The cords are made from three different strands, one in each color, braided together to form a single, beautiful multi-colored cord. The navy, forest green, and gold graduation cord is worn by placing it around the back of the neck, and letting the ends drape over the shoulders, down the front of the graduation robe. Navy, forest, and gold graduation cords are most often used when the school colors will match the cord, and may be worn by all students to inspire some school spirit, or only by those students who have given particular service to the school, or who are graduating with special honors, like the valedictorian.

However you choose to include our navy, dark green, and gold honor cords, we at Honors Graduation will make sure that your cords arrive on time, and are of the very highest quality. We know you want the best for your students, so we make spectacular cords at amazing prices, making it easier for you to make your commencement ceremony extra special. Order your navy, green, and gold graduation cords now!

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