Navy Blue, Gold, and White Graduation Cord Picture

Let Honors Graduation help you celebrate student achievements with our navy blue, gold, and white graduation cords! These classic colors are incorporated into many school colors, including Northern Arizona University, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), and Brigham Young University. Many schools choose cords that make up their school colors as they recognize honors for students who have participated in various organizations, made contributions to the school, or have high honors. In fact, some colleges opt to give one pair to show Cum Laude, two pairs for Magna Cum Laude, and three pairs for Summa Cum Laude. Additionally, schools may choose to use this cord to recognize participation in collegiate honor societies that use these colors, such as Epsilon Pi Tau or Pi Theta Epsilon.

However you choose to use it, Honors Graduation guarantees you will be satisfied with your navy blue, gold, and white graduation cord! Its measurements include a 1/4 inch diameter and a 70 inch length from the ends of each tassel. The cord is also made of rayon, which means it will have an attractive look as well as long-lasting durability. In addition, 3 smaller ropes, one navy blue, one gold, and one white, are gracefully braided together to create each cord.

As students consider the symbolism present throughout commencement ceremonies, you may also be interested in the symbolism behind navy blue, gold, and white. Navy blue can signify seriousness, knowledge, and integrity. Denoting prestige, gold is another great color to fit the celebrations of a graduation. White is associated with purity, or a clean slate, which is also meaningful as students begin a new chapter of their lives. Order with Honors Graduation today!

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