Navy Blue and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

If you are in charge of planning a graduation, you know how important honor cords can be for this special event. Honor cords are a perfect way to show your graduates that hard work, determination, and going above and beyond are acknowledged and awarded. Navy blue and gold graduation cords are very prestigious in appearance and will bring great honor to your graduates that they are presented to. Navy blue cords carry the qualities of loyalty and leadership and Gold cords carry the qualities of success and affluence. When you present the navy blue and gold graduation cords you are giving your graduates something of value, the qualities of loyalty, leadership, success and affluence will be valuable as they head into their future. You will not disappointed in the appearance or quality of our honor cords, they are woven together and at the end will be tassles with the two colors combined. It is not uncommon for graduates to have more than one honor cord and the navy blue and gold honor cords will go well with any other cords they may receive. The navy blue and gold cords will come with 3 ropes (two ropes navy blue and one rope gold) and they will be intricately braided. One of the great things about our honor cords are they all come in the same length and thickness, each cord will be 70 inches in length and 1/4 inch in diameter.

If your school's colors are navy blue and gold, then ordering the navy blue and gold graduation cords for your graduates to wear during the commencement ceremony is a perfect way to bring school unity and excitement to the event and will look stunning on your graduates with their caps and gowns. It is so simple to put your graduation cord orders in with Honors Graduation, just click on our orders page and select which options fit your needs, order yours today!

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