Navy Blue, Black, & Gold Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation is a time for celebration of hard work and achievement. It is a chance to reminisce and be proud. It is the time to say 'I did it!' The navy blue, black and gold graduation cords with the three colors, compliment each other in a way that helps graduates be proud and confident in what lies ahead of them. Navy blue, black and gold are all strong bold colors that both calm the worried student getting ready to enter the 'real world,' and give them strength to undauntingly take on the world.

The navy blue, black and gold graduation cords are made from quality rayon. There are three strands, one of each color, braided together to make one cord. All three colors, navy blue, black and gold, are used to represent many various achievements, associations, schools and teams. These include but are not limited to: the Navy, Navy Postgraduate School, Naval Academy, and California Baptist University. Sigma Alpha Lambda also uses these colors. Occasionally gold can represent the school of Science and blue can represent the school of philosophy. Blue is most often associated with the ocean and sky and depth and stability. Black is classic with a sense of power and elegance and gold always brings to mind value and power. These colors work well together to represents confidence, wisdom and intelligence, perfect for the graduating student with goals and dreams.

Here at Honors Graduation we know all of the emotions and work and stress that come with the big event of graduation. We take pride in providing the best quality graduation cords for your graduate as well as making this day and event as easy and smooth as possible with our customer service. We guarantee our navy blue, black and gold honor cords will add the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful occasion and graduate!

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