Navy Blue and Light Blue Graduation Cord Picture

The navy blue and light blue honor cords are made up of three strands. There are two strands of navy blue twisted together with one strand of light blue. These three strands are twisted together tightly to make one rope-like cord. At each end of this twisted section of the cord is a knot and tassel. The measurements of the navy blue and light blue honor cords are measured out to fit and look great on anyone and everyone. The three strands that are twisted together are twisted tightly to measure out to 1/4 of an inch. This makes the cord thick enough to be seen from afar but subtle enough as to not take attention away from the graduate. The length of the cord altogether is 70 inches. The twisted strands stretch to 62 inches and each knot and tassel is four inches. The perfect length no matter how tall or short you are.

While both navy blue and light blue are shades of blue, there is a big difference in hue. There is a beautiful contrast when navy blue and light blue are put together. They compliment each other perfectly. Because of the material used to make the cord, and the quality of the material, the contrast is made gorgeously. The navy blue and light blue honor cords are made of a high quality rayon that not only brings out the true colors of the cord but also makes the cord durable. You will be able to use your cord again or save it as a memento. Either way, your cord will look as great as the day you received it, years down the road.

Here at Honors Graduation we believe in celebrating hard work and success. We guarantee you will be pleased and will wear our cords proudly on your big day. Order now!

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