Maroon, Teal, and Silver Graduation Cord Picture

As a student, graduation indicates that you have finished a major section of your life with success. Graduation is a time where friends and family come together to honor and celebrate their student who has worked so hard in order to make it to this point. During your graduation ceremony don't forget to stop and take a moment to think about all of the challenges that you were able to overcome, the lasting memories created, and the friendships that you formed along your road to success.

At Honors Graduation we have all of the graduation gear that you may need. Students that are graduating are typically seen wearing a cap, gown, and graduation cords at the time of their ceremony. Our graduation cords are usually worn by honor students and students who have earned various achievements but they can also be a great way to show your appreciation for your school during graduation. Our maroon, teal, and silver graduation cords are an interesting contrast that actually collaborate very well together. The cherry maroon along with the almost ultramarine like teal are both very deep powerful colors and they are complemented with grace by the silver.

When you purchase your graduation cords from us here at Honors Graduation you will be able to hang onto them as long as you want to after your graduation day. Many students keep them on display to allow themselves to reflect on all that they have accomplished over the years. We use a high quality material called rayon to make our graduation cords, it is not only stunningly beautiful but very durable as well giving it the longer life. Each of our graduation cords measure 70 inches in total length, the triple graduation cords are made by tying all three of the individual colors together in the center. Honors Graduation is here to help you love the way that you look on your important day.

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