Maroon Black and White Graduation Cord Picture

As your students participate in the reflection that surrounds graduation, let our maroon, black, and white graduation cords add to the meaningfulness of the day! Each color is rich in symbolism and significance! Maroon, which can also be compared to burgundy or crimson, can be associated with thoughtful and controlled action, perfect as students reflect upon their refined abilities. Black denotes power and elegance, which are also qualities that can be exemplified in achievements of graduation. White brings a great balance in its affiliation with light and purity, particularly as students reflect on the fresh start that comes with commencement.

You may also consider using our maroon, black, and white honor cords to signify particular student achievements or involvement in specific organizations. For example, you may want to promote the achievements of students with high academic achievements. Several college honor societies use maroon and white in their colors, including Omega Chi Epsilon and Upsilon Pi Epsilon, in which case this cord combination might be perfect for your needs. You may also use this cord simply to finish off your school's colors. A few colleges that include maroon and white in their school colors include the following:

At Honors Graduation, we make it our priority to provide you with the highest quality apparel at the best price. Our honor cords are made of quality rayon that is both durable and attractive. With this 3-color combination, each cord consists of one strand each of maroon, black, and white, beautifully intertwined and ending in one tassel on each side. Our cords measure, from the end of one tassel to the other, 70 inches and 1/4 inch in thickness. These measurements and materials make a perfect combination for a graduation accessory that is perfect in weight and prominence. When you place your order with Honors Graduation, you can be assured satisfaction!

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