Maroon and White Graduation Cord Picture

On graduation day we know you want to make your graduates feel special and to honor all that they did to get to this big event in their lives. With our maroon and white graduation cords you can honor your students that made special achievements or participated in school events in which they excelled. When you have two colors in a honor cords they will come ornately braided with 3 strands, one part maroon and one part white. Honor cords have a rich history dating back to the early military. Napoleon wore these to show valor in battle to be continued by modern military where only the most prestigious units are graced by their presence for their outstanding achievements. Colleges and high schools have picked up on this heritage for the representation of greatness. And we greatly understand this and offer the best honor cords. Imagine your child standing there on graduation day, standing tall after several years of high school or college where they have worked so hard and sacrificed their personal lives to excel academically. You are so proud and want to have the best honor cords to represent this moment. Just like the military awarding for achieved excellence you or your honor student will wear these maroon and white graduation cords with pride. These maroon and white cords will accentuate your graduates greatly.

Maroon and white graduation cords represent leadership, passion, courage, purity, integrity, and new beginnings. These are wonderful attributes for you're graduates to feel during their commencement ceremony. The quality of your honor cords matter to us; we make sure that they are all the same size for uniformity and made of high end material. Honors Graduation wants to make this as easy as possible for you, we have lots of options and varieties for you to choose from and ordering is as easy as going to our order page. All of our orders are shipped quickly and will arrive 2-3 days after you put your maroon and white graduation cords order in.

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