Maroon and Black Graduation Cord Picture

If you have been searching for quality and attractive maroon and black graduation cords, look no more we have what you're looking for!

Our maroon and black graduation cords are constructed from the material rayon and is one of the reasons we are able to offer long lasting and classy graduation cords. Honor cords are a very significant piece of a commencement ceremony not only do they add color to the traditional solid cap and gown but they also bring meaning. Maroon cords stand for confidence, drive, strong and determined and the black cords stand for comfort, sophisticated and endings & beginnings. Together these two cords bring powerful meaning to the graduates that are wearing them. One in particular is the endings and beginnings, since this is exactly what a graduation day is. It is the end of one chapter in a graduates life and an advancement or new beginning into another chapter that they have worked hard for. Honor cords are awarded for various participation or achievements from a graduate, whatever reason you choose to award the maroon and black graduation cords you're graduates will cherish them. It is very common for the graduates to keep their honor cords so they can look back fondly on this special day.

Another way for you to award maroon and black graduation cords is if your school's colors are maroon and black. The maroon and black graduation cords will come 2 parts maroon and 1 part black and will be braided together. We have everything you would need for honors cords, you can choose your colors, and if your graduation cords come in single, double or triple colors. Feel confident when you order with Honors Graduation that you will be completely satisfied, not only do we have a large assortment of fine graduation cords but we are priced very competitively and you will receive your shipment in 2-3 days after you order.

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