Light Blue and Red Graduation Cord Picture

Every student that has successfully made it to graduation has done so with an enormous amount of hard work and sacrifice. Each student deserves to be rewarded and celebrated for their achievements, that is why we have graduations, to honor those who have put in the effort and truly earned it. Graduation is a time to reflect on all of the memories made, friendships built, and obstacles conquered throughout the course of your journey. As this valuable piece of your life comes to a halt, the next adventure is just around the corner. Students are known to wear a cap, gown and graduation cords for their graduation ceremony. Here at Honors graduation we have everything your need to get ready for your big day, we offer the best high quality graduation attire. Graduation cords can be a great way to show your pride and gratitude for your school. Students with achievements and honor students are also known to wear graduation cords to signify their accomplishments. The light blue and red graduation cord set is a stunning combination. The delicate light blue accented by the sharp red is pure brilliance, if you choose this double cord set you will be represented magnificently during your graduation.

At Honors Graduation we use a very strong material called rayon to make our graduation cords, it will not only last you for years to come but it has an amazing look to it as well. We make each of the individually colored graduation cords by beautifully braiding 3 strands of rayon together. We then tie the light blue and red cords to each other at the center making them 70 inches long. Feel free to hang onto your graduation cords or even put them up on display as a remembrance of how far you have come and the hardships it took to get there.

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