Light Blue and Purple Graduation Cord

We have graduations for a number of reasons but the most important reason that we all come together, is to honor the students who have worked so vigorously with complete and utter dedication to achieve success and get to where they are now. Students experience constant roadblocks as they pursue their goals, hopefully among all of your hardships you were able to make some good memories and a few lasting friendships as well. Don't forget to take some time this graduation to reflect on how far you've come and all that you have accomplished, you deserve to be recognized and Honors Graduation has just what you need to get the job done. Graduation cords are worn by honor students and students with any special achievements. You can also show your school spirit and appreciation by getting graduation cords in your school colors. Traditionally, graduating students wear a cap, gown, and graduation cords during their ceremony. Our light blue and purple graduation cords are a quite embellishing duo. The light blue is soft, close to baby blue, it allows the purple to flourish.

Honors Graduation has you covered with best options for graduation apparel, we know that you will be happy with how you look. Many students like to hang on to their graduation cords, as a symbol of all they accomplished as well as the lessons that they have learned. Our cords will hold up as time passes thanks to the durable material used to make them called rayon. Not only is rayon strong but it looks great too. Our graduation cords are made by braiding 3 strands together. We then take a light blue cord and a purple cord and tie them together in the middle (each measuring 70 inches in length) to create this stunning double cord set.

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