Light Blue and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

Many graduates dream for years of walking across that stage and hearing their name called out, to shake hands with the leaders of their school and to receive their diploma or degree. This is a day they have been waiting and striving towards and it is finally here, graduation day! Graduation day is such an exciting day for these graduates and we know you want to make it special for them. With our light blue and gold graduation cords we know you can do just that! The light blue and gold cords are two part light blue and one part gold and the tassels at the end are a combination of the two colors. You will appreciate that our cords are very uniform in length and thickness as it makes it much more appealing to the eye when the honor cords are all the same size. The length is 70 inches and the diameter is 1/4 inch thick. The light blue cords represent loyalty, trust and integrity and the gold cords exemplify confidence, success and passion. By combining these two cords into a light blue and gold graduation cord your graduates will love what it represents.

Light blue and gold graduation cords can stand all on their own or can be worn with other cords. You do also have the option of adding another color in with them if desired to create a triple cord.

Our pricing is very competitive and you will be getting a great deal when you order through Honors Graduation not only for the price but for the quality. You can order a single cord or if you need to buy multiple cords of the same color or even if you need several cords in different colors you can take advantage of our bulk discount. We also offer a low flat rate and you will receive your package within 2-3 days!

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