Lavender and White Graduation Cord Picture

Walking in a single file line towards the end of your school adventure and the beginning of your bright and unknown future can seem a bit daunting to these scared, yet eager graduates. The lavender and white honor cords can give your graduates the feelings of peace, assurance and grace. This feeling will not only last them for the commencement ceremony, but for the rest of their lives. Made with reliable, all synthetic materials, these lavender and white graduation cords are perfect to remind graduates of their journey through their high school career. Taking them into their futures' with the courage to maintain their academic and personal standards.

The soft color of the white gives the sense of a fresh start, and a new beginning; It helps to give a clarity of the mind. White combined with the lavender of these honor cords can bring to the mind of a student the hope and eagerness for the future. Many prestigious honor societies involved in education and professional development use the colors of these peaceful yet regal graduation cords. These lavender and white honor cords are to be used at graduation to represent only great honor and success in the students' academic journey.

Very durable, and made to last the years, these beautiful honor ropes for graduation will always go superbly with the classic black graduation robe; lending the calm of the white and lavender to the strength of the traditional black robes . For other striking combinations the lavender and white honor cords could go with deep green, yellow, white, and many more robe color options. The mixed strands in the cord would also match terrifically paired with another honor cord if your graduate so needs; going well with the solid white, lavender, black, or gold honor cords.

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