Lavender and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

Standing in a long line and waiting to hear your name announced as you walk across the stage and receive your diploma and/or degree brings excitement and triumph to graduates who have anticipated arriving at their graduation day. Wearing their classy lavender and gold graduation cords, your graduates will look and feel fabulous. The lavender and gold honor cords will not only look great on your graduates, but will compliment the graduation attire of cap and gown and will look pleasing at the commencement ceremony. Lavender and gold really does make a luxurious combination, our graduation cords each come with 3 ropes (2 ropes will be lavender and 1 rope gold) that will be finely entwined together. Lavender cords indicate creativity, the future, and assurance, while gold cords embody wealth, wisdom, and optimism. By combining the lavender and gold cords together you are bringing your graduates a great sense of pride and honor to wear such marvelous graduation cords. One of the best features of our graduation cords is the material they are made from is rayon which makes the cords not only look sleek but also makes for long lasting cords. This is important because your graduates will want to keep their lavender and gold honor cords as a keepsake to look back on the day that they graduated and remember all the achievements made to get there.

Lavender and gold honor cords can be offered to graduates if they have attained an academic or some kind of excellence they attained. Colleges commonly use honor cords for graduates that were members of a honor society, really it is different with each school and honor cords can be used to symbolize a large assortment of accomplishments. Your graduates who receive the lavender and gold graduation cords will appreciate and cherish their cords that set them apart and made them feel so special.

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