Green, Kelly Green, and Silver Graduation Cord Picture

Show up in style this graduation with the help of Honors Graduation, we offer only the best high quality graduation attire. Our green, kelly green, and silver graduation cords just might be the perfect way to bring your outfit together and show pride in your school. Graduation is a time when friends and family gather to celebrate all the accomplishments of those who have put in the time and effort into making it to this point. It is traditional for graduating students to wear a cap, gown, and graduation cords for their ceremony. Graduation cords can mean a variety of things. Honor graduates and students with special achievements wear specific cords that indicate it, while many students choose to wear their school colors to show their gratitude and school spirit on their unforgettable day. These three colors combined equal a tremendous set, having both the regular green with the kelly green allowing a clear distinction between them and adding the silver gives a contrast that really brings out the earthy look of the different greens.

Many students often hang onto their graduation cords as a keepsake, or even keep them up on display as a reminder of all the challenges that they have overcome. Thanks to the sturdy material that we use to make our graduation cords you'll be able to keep them around for years to come. Each triple cord set is made up by tying three individual cords together (Green, Kelly Green, & Silver). To make each of the individual cords we use 3 strands of rayon and braid them together. Rayon is not only durable but it is high quality when it comes to color as well. By wearing graduation cords from us here at Honors Graduation during your ceremony, not only will you have total satisfaction but also the confidence you need during your big day.

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