Green Gold and Purple Graduation Cord

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Graduation cords are usually awarded and worn by members of academic societies for various achievements, awards and honors during the time of graduation. Honor cords add a beautiful touch to the event and give the graduate a subtle, elegant way to show off their hard work and achievements.

Our green, gold and purple honor cords consist of one strand of each color twisted together to form one 70 inch long charming graduation cord with a four inch mixed color tassel at each end. These cords are made of a high quality rayon and the colors are vibrant. Usually when these colors are seen together, green, gold and purple, they are often seen in the streets of New Orleans during the annual Mardi Gras. When King Rex deemed these colors as the official colors for the carnival in 1872, they were to stand for something. Green represents faith, gold represents power and purple represents justice. Aside from what they represent in Mardi Gras, green, gold and purple are also associated with growth, success and imagination respectively. And how appropriate for the graduating student to have those values in mind as they take on future endeavors.

The green, gold and purple honor cords are used for various reasons. These colors serve as a representation for various schools, awards and teams. For example, Louisiana State University, Phi Sigma Theta and the Science National Honor Society all use green, gold and purple. These colors were also used in a campaign held by the alumni brothers, family and friends of the Lambda Chi Alpha PI GAMMA fraternity to raise money for a brother who suffered from cancer.

Sometimes, and another option to ordering one honor cord, our customers order a triple tied honor cord. This consists of one solid purple cord, one green cord, and one gold cord. These cords are tied together in a knot and there are three tassels hanging on each side which gives a little volume to the adornment.

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