Green, Gold, and White Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation inspires feelings of excitement and pride in the hearts of graduates, but it can also remind students of the great unknown ahead of them, and make them nervous. Green, gold, and white graduation cords are a great way to bring the minds of your graduates back to the present, and help them focus on their success over the past several years, which can in turn encourage them to continue in their success with all their future endeavors. The green, gold, and white graduation cord represents a dedication to lifelong learning and all the rewards that come with it, and so it makes a perfect gift for any graduate.

Our green, gold, and white graduation cords are made from three strands, one in each color, that are then braided together to create a single, multi-colored cord. A graduation cord in green, gold, and white is perfect for a number of different honors and achievements, so you can feel confident rewarding your student for just about anything. The green, gold, and white graduation cord is most often associated with those school colors, and might be worn by students who are on the deans' list or the honor roll at their school, or are graduating with other special school honors. The cords may also be worn by an entire graduating class to promote solidarity in school spirit. Some schools bestow the green, gold, and white honor cord on students who have excelled within their chosen field. The possibilities are endless.

Here at Honors Graduation, we want to make sure your students are rewarded with the highest quality products, so we ensure that our all synthetic honor cords are beautiful crafted and durable. Our honor cords in green, gold, and white will be the perfect finishing touch at your graduation ceremony, and with prices as low as ours, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible deal. Call now, and order your green, gold, and white honor cords today!

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