Green and Red Graduation Cord Picture

Green and red graduation cords are a detail you will not want to forget. We know how important it is to make everything as perfect as possible for a commencement ceremony and that every detail matters.

We can help you order quality graduation cords. Honors Graduation pride ourselves with the elegance and durability of our cords, we use rayon material to make them long lasting and something the graduates can keep to reminisce about their graduation day.

Graduation cords can have various meanings depending on the school and colors you order. Green and red make for a bold combination. Green cords illustrate optimism, wealth, wisdom and knowledge, while red cords illustrate leadership, ambition, power, and determination. Pair these two cords together for green and red graduation cords and you have a meaningful graduation cord. The cords will consist of 3 strands that will be interlaced together 2 of the strands will be green and one of the strands will be red. We like our graduation cords to all be uniform and the perfect length of 70 inches and a diameter of 1/4 inch.

Honor cords are a very special part of a graduation, it is what lets the graduate feal an abundance of joy for what they have not only completed but completed with greatness. High Schools, universities and colleges all offer honor cords to their graduates. Depending on the school, honor cords can be earned for different accomplishments whether it be for being in a honor society, being part of band or other groups, or excelling in academics. Green and red graduation cords are also an excellent way to bring in your school colors (if they are green and red). No matter what the reason for green and red graduation cords be assured that Honors Graduation can assist you in making your order.

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