Green and Purple Graduation Cord

Here at Honors Graduation, we are dedicated to making high quality commencement apparel available to schools across the country! Our beautiful green and purple graduation cords are made from attractive and durable rayon, so not only will they catch the eye throughout your ceremonies, but they will also last for years as cherished mementos to such an important day. Additionally, the cords consist of three fine ropes entwined together, two of which are green, and one of which is purple. We also only use cords that are a perfect combination in their dimensions to keep them from being too long, short, or bulky; their diameter measures 1/4 inch, and the length, including the 2 tassels at the ends, measures 70 inches.

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Green and purple make a striking combination as secondary colors, but they also create an interesting duo in their meanings. On the one hand, green can indicate inexperience, as well as stability and endurance. On the other, purple denotes wisdom and power. These meanings together can be perfect for the symbolic nature of graduation, as students celebrate both the wisdom they have attained, along with the understanding that they are all embarking on a fresh undertaking in a new phase of life.

You may also be interested in this particular color combination due to its use in various collegiate and high school honor societies. For instance, Kappa Delta Pi uses purple and jade green in cords to recognize their students. Phi Sigma Theta uses gold, green, and purple together, so you may be interested in using this cord with gold accents in the tassels or stoles, or else you may be interested in our cord with these three colors braided together. On the high school level, members of the Science National Honor Society are presented with green and purple cords. Green and purple are also part of the colors for the math and fine arts honor societies: Mu Alpha Theta, and National Art Honor Society. Whatever your reason may be for purchasing our green and purple cord, let Honors Graduation meet your needs!

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