Green and Gold Graduation Cord Picture

A very important time in life is your graduation day, it represents all the efforts and time you put in for years to your schooling. It is also just as much about the future and all that it has in store for this new period in life. The commencement ceremony helps in the reality of this transition and is a time to celebrate the graduates. At a graduation the typical attire for graduates are a cap and gown and any honor cords they are presented with. Our green and gold graduation cords will bring a feeling of dignity to your graduates. Honor cords are given to graduates for various accomplishments, such as being a member of a honor society, or can recognize different achievements. Graduates love to receive honor cords, it makes them proud of all their efforts. The green and gold graduation cords symbolize reliability, dependability, wealth, success, prestige, and wisdom. The vivid green paired with luxurious gold make a very stunning color combination for your honor cords and will make a great impression at your commencement ceremony. We know how important it is for honor cords to look uniform, each of our cords measure 70 inches long and will be 1/4 inch in diameter and will have 3 strands (2 green and one gold) that will be braided together.

Another option for presenting green and gold graduation cords is if your school colors are green and gold. High-schools and universities love to incorporate some school pride amongst the graduates by using their school colors in honor cords. Here are a few universities that have green and gold for school colors University of Alaska, Arkansas Tech University, Humboldt State University, Colorado State University, University of South Florida, Southeastern Louisiana University, McDaniel College, Siena College, Wright State University, Baylor University, and George Mason University. Let Honors Graduation help you get your green and gold graduation cords ordered today!

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