Gold, Red, and Navy Blue Graduation Cord Picture

Show up to your graduation in style with a set of gold, red, and navy blue graduation cords from Honors Graduation. Graduation is a time where students are recognised for their commitment and the immense amount of work that they put into successfully completing this stage in life. Whether you are receiving your diploma or any other specific degree, Honors Graduation has you covered. Graduation cords are worn by students who have earned achievements as well as honor graduates. It is not uncommon to wear your school colors for your graduation cords if you wish, a great way to show your appreciation and pride in your school after all this time. The gold, red, and navy blue graduation cord set is a very energetic color choice. These bright primary colors have a bold classic look and complement each other very well, you will absolutely love this option.

When you order graduation cords from Honors Graduation we know that you will love them, this is because we only have the best choices when it comes to graduation apparel. Our cords are made out a dependable yet sleek material called rayon which gives our cords their phenomenal look. To make each of our cords we take 3 strand of rayon and braid them in sync making one individual cord. We then take the gold, red, and navy blue cords and tie them together in the middle, the final product measures 70 inches. By wearing these graduation cords on your big day you will be overwhelmed with a sense of pride and honor as you complete this stage of your life and embark on a new journey. Many students choose to hang on to their graduation cords and keep them on display or as a keepsake to remind themselves of how all their hard work paid off.

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