Gold, Kelly Green, and Purple Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation is a time to celebrate your student and all of the hard work that it takes to earn either their diploma or degree. You are right to be proud of yourself for reaching this point, make sure to enjoy your graduation as your close friends and family come together so show their support and love for you. I'm sure that among the great memories made and valuable friendships built, you also dealt with your fair share of challenges. Treasure each and every lesson that you learned as they will help you throughout your life. Honor graduates, as well students who have earned achievements, show it by wearing graduation cords. Here at Honors Graduation our gold, kelly green, and purple graduation cords might be exactly what you need to tie your graduation outfit together. Graduation cords are also worn to show school spirit by wearing your school colors, a subtle way to show your appreciation for everyone that help you out along the way. The gold gives a great bass tone that allows the brightness of the kelly green and the purple to really pop making them a smashing combination for your graduation.

Our graduation cords here at Honors Graduation will go above and beyond your expectations. Each of our graduation cords is very durable and retains its color very well thanks to the high quality material that we use called rayon. Measuring 70 inches in length, the gold, kelly green, and purple graduation cord set is made up of three separate solid color cords tied together in the middle. To make each of these individual cords, 3 strands of rayon are braided together perfectly. When you make a purchase with us here at Honors Graduation, no matter how big or how small we know that you will be satisfied and completely prepared for your big day.

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