Gold, Green, and Silver Graduation Cord Picture

As you celebrate the success and accomplishments you have reached as a student this graduation, don't forget all of the effort and dedication that went into making it this far. We have graduations as a way to honor those who have earned their diploma or a special degree. I am sure that throughout the course of your journey you have been faced with plenty of challenges but thanks to your perseverance and hard work, you made it. Hopefully there were more good memories than trials, and if you are lucky you probably even made some great friends along the way. With this graduation you will move on to your next adventure in life. Do so in style with gold, green, and silver graduation cords. Students wear a cap, gown and graduation cords typically during their graduation ceremony. Graduation cords can be a great way to represent your school and your pride in it by wearing your school colors. Honor graduates as well as students receiving various achievements also wear graduation cords to symbolize their success.

You can't go wrong when you choose cords from us here at Honors Graduation, we only offer high quality products. Each cord is made up of three strands beautifully braided together to make the individual cords. The three cords (gold, green, and silver) are then tied at the middle for a total length of 70 inches. The material that we use to make our graduation cords is called rayon, not only does it keep its color and look amazing it is surprisingly durable as well. If you choose to keep them, you will have your cords for many years to some, many people hang them on display to remind themselves of how far they have come. At Honors Graduation we have an outstanding customer service team that can answer any questions you may have, we know that you will be completely satisfied with our graduation cords.

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