Gold and White Graduation Cord Picture

Graduations can be a very memorable time for graduates, it represents a transition from one chapter of their lives onto the next.

Commencement ceremonies are also a time for graduates to reflect back on what they have accomplished as well as looking forward to a new and exciting beginning. Receiving honor cords are also part of the commencement ceremony. Our gold and white graduation cords will help bring a feeling of importance for the graduates and all that they have achieved. Honor cords are worn with the graduation cap and gown. Honor cords come in an assortment of colors and have different meanings. The gold and white graduation cords are sure to make your graduates proud. With the gold and white twisted together it makes for a classy graduation cord. The gold and white graduation cords represent success, achievement, prestige, wealth, self-sufficient and new beginnings. Honor cords are part of the traditional commencement ceremony and can represent graduates that have excelled in academic and non-academic activities , achieved greatness in leadership or in honor societies they participated in.

Honor cords can also represent the school colors and are a fantastic way to bring a vibe of unity and pride to the graduation. Our gold and white graduation cords will come with 3 strands (2 Gold and 1 white) and ornately braided together to create a beautiful honor cord. Not only do our cords look great, they are durable--we use synthetic rayon material to achieve this. All of our graduation cords come 70 inches long and are 1/4 inch in diameter. Your graduates will appreciate the quality of their gold and white graduation cords and will cherish them for years to come. Our customers satisfaction is very important to us and we know you'll be happy with your gold and white graduation cords.

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