Gold and Maroon Graduation Cord Picture

When we think of commencement ceremonies it is most commonly for a high school or college graduation. Graduation day is a big deal to the graduates that have worked so hard to get to this point. Many of these graduates have spent years of their lives dedicated to learning, going to classes, taking exams and completing large projects all in the effort of arriving to their graduation day. Gold and maroon graduation cords can help bring honor and a sense of accomplishment to your graduates. Honor cords are given to signify the graduate has reached a specific honor or special accomplishment academic or non-academic. Cum laude, summa cum laude, or magna cum laude are a few examples of honors given at colleges. Another great way to offer gold and maroon graduation cords is if your school colors are gold and maroon, it is a fantastic way to display your school pride. With the rich gold and the bold maroon wonderfully braided together it makes for a sleek combination. Gold and maroon graduation cords can bring the meaning of success and wealth, paired with ambition and power to your commencement ceremony. These stunning gold and maroon graduation cords will look fantastic with your graduates caps and gowns. Each of our honor cords will measure 70 inches in length and are constructed with rayon material giving them a great look and made to be long lasting. You will also appreciate the beauty of each honor cord having 3 strands (2 gold and 1 maroon) and ornately intertwined together to create elegance.

A few schools that have gold and maroon for their school colors are Arizona State University, Armstrong Atlantic State University, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Boston College, Central Michigan University, University of Minnesota, Elon University, Rhode Island College, Texas State University, Bridgewater College, and University of Charleston.

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