Cyan Graduation Cord Picture

Cyan graduation cords are exquisite in color and your graduates will love how great these honor cords will look at their commencement ceremony. Cyan is a color that encourages creativity, balance, perception, and stability which are all great attributes to go along with a graduation ceremony. This dynamic color can stand on its own in 3 braided strands, or if prefered you can pair the cyan graduation cord with other colors to create the look you want. Cyan looks great with our white, black or gold cords or you can look at the other various colors we offer for a more custom look. When you purchase our graduation cords you will be completely satisfied with the value of the cords, they are constructed with rayon material, which makes them not only sleek but made to last. It is important to give your graduates a quality honor cord, it is popular amongst graduations to keep their cords for sentimental remembrance of a this time period of their lives. The cyan graduation cords are 70 inches long.

A commencement ceremony is an appreciation of all the work a student has put in to successfully complete their educational goal and a day that will be remembered in their minds for years to come. When you award your graduates with the cyan graduation cords they will feel recognized and special. Cyan is such a bold and invigorating color and will complement the graduates ceremony attire. Traditionally honor cords are awarded to graduates who participated in honor societies, leadership positions, or to those who accomplished significant achievements. Graduation cords can also be used to represent the school colors and brings a sense of unity and pride among your graduates. Honors Graduation takes pride in our customer service and with our customers being satisfied. Let us help you in ordering the perfect graduation cords for your commencement ceremony today!

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