Citrus and Royal Blue Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation cords in citrus and royal blue are an exceptional way to represent yourself this graduation.

As your final year of schooling comes closer and closer to its end, your graduation ceremony also grows near. At Honors Graduation we are here to help you be completely prepared for your big day. We have everything you need that has to do with graduation gear, from cap & gown sets to keychain tassels with year charms. Graduation is a time devoted to you and your fellow graduates for all of the hard work that you have each put into reaching this point. It is not only a celebration but a reward for the countless hours that it took for you to overcome every obstacle that stood in your way. Graduation brings your close friends and family together as they each want to show their support and help you celebrate what might be your most accomplishing achievement yet. We're sure that in addition to meeting new friends you were able to make plenty of pleasant memories, remember it is important to also reflect on the challenges that you dealt with as well. Thanks to your relentless determination you know that you are capable of completing anything no matter how difficult it may seem at first.

It has been the tradition for many years now for graduating students to dress in a graduation cap and gown during their ceremony. At this time, graduation cords are typically worn by students to signify their various achievements. Cords are constructed by braiding three strands of a high quality material known as rayon together. These cords are composed of two strands of citrus and one strand of royal blue. Our cords are about 70 inches in length and can be matched with any of our other cords to create double and even triple cord combinations.

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