Charcoal Graduation Cord

Charcoal graduation cords are a mesmerizing way to go, the dark color does an excellent job of allowing the vibrancy of other colors to flourish without taking away from your outfit.

Here at Honors Graduation we have everything you're looking for to bring your graduation outfit together. It is traditional for graduating students to dress in a cap, gown, & tassel, but many students like to accessorize with graduation cords also. Your graduation cords can symbolize a number of different meanings, commonly worn by honor students to stand out or to represent your school colors and show your appreciation. Successfully reaching your goals of graduation is no easy task, you were faced with countless challenges along your path forcing you to constantly prove your determination. I'm sure that you were able to make a few new friends along the way and managed to enjoy yourself some what as well. As your friends and family all come together to help you celebrate on this monumental day in your life, take a moment to reflect on all of the events that molded your success. With this victorious completion of your schooling you now know that anything is possible with enough ambition.

Our graduation cords are made of an extremely durable material so you can hang onto your set for years to come. Many graduates hang their cords on display in their homes after their ceremony to remind themselves of how far they have come. Each cord is approximately 70 inches in length and a quarter inch around. Cords are available in sets of single, double, or triple and each cord can be up to three colors. Our charcoal graduation cords are a typical selection for students graduating with degrees in business, accounting, and even commercial science.

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