Black, White, and Royal Blue Graduation Cord Picture

As you come to the end of your journey and start down a new trail you may want to stop a minute to take it all in at your graduation. Not only is graduation a time of celebration, but also a time that each and every individual deserves to be honored for their commitment and the maximum effort they put forth to reach the point you are at today. Over the last few years you have conquered every obstacle that stood in your way, I'm sure you will take some valuable memories and lessons with you on the next adventure you embark on. It is completely normal for graduating students to dress in a cap and gown along with graduation cords (all available through Honors Graduation). Whether you are an honor graduate, have any type of achievements, or if you want to show your pride in your school graduation cords can be the perfect way to represent yourself. The black, white, and royal blue graduation cords might be exactly the colors that you need, a truly brilliant combination. These three colors compliment each other very well. The polar opposites of the black and white allow the royal blue to shine with all its potential.

When it comes to graduation attire, Honors Graduation has the best options available and it is our goal to leave each of our customers satisfied on their important day. At the length of 70 inches long, our black, white, and royal blue cords are made up of three separate color cords. Each of the individual cords are braided together perfectly with 3 strands of rayon. Rayon is the material that we use to make our graduation cords, not only is it a good looking high quality material but it is durable as well. With cords from Honors Graduation you'll be able to cherish them along with all of your memories for years to follow.

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