Black, White, and Green Graduation Cord Picture

We have graduations for many reasons, it is one way that we celebrate students for all of the time and effort that goes into earning various degrees and diplomas. As a student you are faced with many challenges and what sets you apart is your ability to break down barriers and keep fighting. You have made it to where you are today by not giving in and you probably have a few stories to tell from all of your trials, hopefully you were able to learn a few things about yourself and make some great friends in the process. As you move on to the next phase of life, your graduation will remind you of all your hard work over the years. During a graduation, students regularly wear a cap, gown, and in most cases graduation cords as well. Many honor graduates and students who have reached academic achievements show it by wearing graduation cords, getting cords in your schools colors can also be a great way to show school spirit during your graduation. The black, white, and green graduation cords are a great choice. The elegant bright white goes perfectly with the deep black cord, meanwhile, complemented by both ends of the color spectrum the green pulls it all together.

It is our goal and responsibility to bring you the best options for your graduation attire. That is why all of our graduation cords are made out of a high quality material called rayon, it looks amazing and is extremely durable. Measuring 70 inches in length, the black, white, and green graduation cords consist of three separate cords, each with 3 strands braided together to form individual cords. Our cords will bring you the sense of pride and accomplishment that you have earned, you can even keep your cords as a keepsake to remind yourself of all you have been through. At Honors Graduation we know that you we know that you will be satisfied with each of our products and we have an outstanding customer service team that can help you out if you need it.

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