Black, White, and Antique Gold Graduation Cord Picture

After all these years of hard work, it is time for your graduation, a time where each student should be celebrated for his/her dedication. Even with all of the obstacles that have stood in your way, you did not give up and you deserve to be where you are today. Even with the many struggles that you may have faced along the way, I'm sure that you learned some valuable lessons and have plenty of positive stories as well. We have graduations to remind you of your accomplishments as you complete this portion of your life and start on the next. Students typically wear a cap and gown as well as graduation cords during the graduation ceremony. Graduation cords can represent a number of meanings, from honor graduates to students who have achievements, you can even wear graduation cords to show your pride in your school by going with your school colors. Three colors of graduation cords that go great together are black, white, and antique gold. The contrast between the white and the black cords really bring out the full color of the antique gold, an elegant cord set that you will love.

At Honors Graduation we offer the best when it comes to graduation attire, bringing you high quality graduation cords. The material used to make our cords, called rayon, is amazing; it is both durable and has a great look to it. The black, white, and antique graduation cord set includes three cords, each a separate color, all of which are 70 inches long. Whether they are for you or your student, our graduation cords will bring pride and satisfaction to everyone this graduation. Thanks to the long life of the cords that we offer here at Honors Graduation you'll have them for many years to come, hang them on display as a way to remember this defining moment. We take great pride in our customer service, we know that you will be happy and ready for your big day when you choose us.

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