Black, White, and Maroon Graduation Cord Picture

Black, white and maroon make up a very remarkable combination and offer a sense of greatness for your graduation cords. Black embodies the qualities of strength, confidence and leadership. White is a color that brings in purity, new beginnings, and encouragement. A few qualities that maroon represents are ambition, determination, and excitement. Put together a black, white and maroon graduation cord is sure to impress. With the quality of our materials and the brilliance of our colors we know you and your graduates will be happy. Graduation cords are commonly also called honor cords and for good reason, they are awarded to members of honor societies, students that served in leadership positions, and can also be given for recognition of greatness in achievements in assorted extra-curricular and scholastic activities. Another great reason for ordering the black, white and maroon honor cords are if they represent your school colors, they can show your school pride and spirit. Your graduates will appreciate how great they feel when they receive one of these special honor cords.

Graduation day represents a time period that was given to learning, long nights preparing for an exam, hours of class attendance and taking notes, finishing big projects, and so much more. This is a time that your graduates should be proud of their steadfastness and perseverance to get to them to the much anticipated graduation day. Black, white and maroon graduation cords are a perfect way to look back and reminisce on these days, graduates frequently keep their awarded honor cords.

When you order the black, white & maroon cords each one will have 3 ropes (one of each color) that will be beautifully braided together. Each cord will measure 70 inches long and will be one quarter inch in diameter. Our cords are made of rayon, which explains their durability and elegance. Honors Graduation would love to help you get your graduation cords ordered today!

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