Black, Gold, and Silver Graduation Cord Picture

You have worked long and hard to get to where you are today, this graduation be sure to take the time to pause and celebrate all of your accomplishments. Honors Graduation is here to help you look your best for your big day. Since you have put in the work to make it this far, we feel our graduation cords will be the perfect way to represent all of your efforts -- you have definitely earned it. Our black, gold, and silver graduation cords have a sleek look, you really can't go wrong with this option. Whether you are wearing these cords as an honor student or if you are showing your school spirit and the pride that you have, this combination of black, gold and silver cords will do the trick, making you stand out on your graduation.

The darkness of the black not only brings out the brightness of the gold but also the shine of the silver making it a fantastic choice to represent you this graduation. Here at Honors Graduation we are prepared to go above and beyond the expectations to make you look the best you possibly can on your important day.

Our graduation cords here at Honors graduation are durable and will last you much longer than just your ceremony. Our cords get their durability from the way they are manufactured and the material that is used to make each one. The black, gold, & silver graduation cords are all separate cords and measure 70 inches in length. Each one is made up of three individual strands braided together to make the cords. The material is called rayon which gives the cords their long life while looking spectacular at the same time. Many people like to keep their cords on display as a reminder of all that they achieved, if you choose cords from Honors Graduation you will have them for years to come.

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