Black, Gold, and Red Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation is a time to reflect on all of the hard work and sacrifices that your student has made to reach this monumental day, it is a day of celebration and definitely one to be remembered. Here at Honors Graduation we will help you to look perfect with our black, gold, and red graduation cords. Everything you have gone through has brought you to this defining moment. As you move on to the next phase of life with this graduation we hope you will cherish all of your memories and achievements. A great way to remind yourself of all that you have accomplished is to keep your graduation cords, after all you're the one who put the time and effort in to make it this far. If you want to show your pride and wear your school colors with honor this graduation, our graduation cords are exactly what you need. The black cord does a great job of making the gold and red pop for a truly bold choice. You will absolutely love the way you look in this set of graduation cords.

We offer nothing but the finest quality when it comes to graduation cords here at Honors Graduation. You will find that they not only look outstanding but they will also withstand the tests of time, that is because each of our cords is made out a durable material called rayon. Each individual cord is braided together with 3 strands and measures 70 inches total in length. Whether you are a student being honored this graduation or you want to rightfully represent your school, Honors Graduation can help by getting your graduation attire on point. It may be a small piece to the whole graduation process, but we are sure that you will be completely satisfied with each of the products offered here at Honors Graduation.

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