Black, Gold, and Green Graduation Cord Picture

Black, Gold, and Green Graduation Cords will enhance your celebration. It takes a lot of time and effort to make it to graduation which is why it is such an honor for each and every individual to be celebrated on their special day. All those late nights cramming for finals and pages and pages of notes has lead you to right here. We're sure that you will look back on all that you accomplished with pride throughout your life and hopefully you were able to make a few good friends along your journeys. With this graduation you will begin a new phase in your life. It is our goal to make your graduation day go great by making sure your graduation attire is perfect.

Whether you are an honors graduate or you are showing your school spirit, graduation cords are a great way to show your students achievements during their graduation. Black, gold, and green graduation cords make a great set. The bright gold really compliments the dark black and the neutral green just brings it all together.

We are here to bring you the best at Honors Graduation. That is why we only use rayon for our graduation cords, not only does it look amazing but it is a very high quality durable material. The cords that we have here are perfectly braided together measuring 70 inches in length. Each individual cord will have three strands braided together, each will be a solid cord, one black, one, gold, and one green. You will love the way you look in our graduation cords on your important day. Thanks to the durability of our cords you will be able to cherish them forever as a symbol of your all your hard work paying off.

There shouldn't be any stress involved on your wardrobe for your graduation. At Honors Graduation can rest easy when you purchase your cords knowing that they will be up to your standards.

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