Black and Royal Blue Graduation Cord Picture

Black and Royal Blue Graduation Cords are a great way to display your accomplishments! Graduating is a huge accomplishment so naturally the ceremony is very significant for the students who have worked so hard on getting there. Although graduation cords are a small detail of the commencement ceremony they can be very meaningful to the graduates to look back and reminisce on this memorable event. Rest assured that our cords are made from very high quality synthetic rayon that is sure to last and will have a elegant look as well. Cap and gown with graduation cords is the typical attire for a graduation. Graduation cords can be used to represent different accomplishments that the students may have achieved. A few of the common things that are recognized are honor students, awards, and special achievements. You may decide to show school spirit and pride and display your school colors in the graduation cords. Black and royal blue is a stunning color combination for graduation cords, the deep dark color against the rich royal blue truly is superb. Black cords represent are very classy, and show strong confidence. Royal blue is a color of deep knowledge, loyalty, and security. Black and royal blue graduation cords bring in the best of both of these colors to make a fantastic combination. Our graduation cords are finely braided with 3 strands, black (2 strands) and royal blue (1 strand).

We know that getting to graduation day for these students is not an easy task. After enduring through several years of sacrificing their free time to study, attend classes, nights of memorization and taking notes this is a day they have been working so hard for. Many graduates like to keep their graduation cords from their commencement ceremony as a way to remember all the hard work they put in and special accomplishments they have achieved. Honors Graduation also is aware of the effort it takes to arrange a commencement ceremony and we want to help you with the task of ordering the best quality and upscale cords for your graduates. The black and royal blue cords will each come braided and 70 inches in length, and will be a great addition to your graduation ceremony.

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