Black and Pink Graduation Cord Picture

Graduation cords play a very important role in a graduation. Graduation cords are worn along with a cap and gown to the commencement ceremony. These cords are given to acknowledge a student for awards, special achievements, and honor graduates. Black and pink graduation cords are very classy. Black cords have a strong statement of wealth, confidence, and looks amazing paired with any color. Pink cords can demonstrate the power of positive, and energy. The dark black coupled with the lovely pink looks dynamic together. All of our cords at Honors Graduation are 70 inches in length, and are attractively braided. Each cord has three strands to make up the braid with the black and pink graduation cords two strands would be black and one strand would be pink. It is important to us that our graduation cords are made with durable materials that also look good, this is why ours are made with synthetic rayon. Graduates will be pleased that not only do these cords look beautiful but they can display or put them in a memory box to remember this eventful time in their lives.

We are fully aware of all the effort that leads up to a graduation. Students dedicate long periods of their lives to learning, writing essays, taking detailed notes, studying all night for an important exam, all to get to this significant day! It has been said many times that graduation is not the end but the beginning. This is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of your graduates! We want to help you in doing that by providing black and pink graduation cords, you will not regret working with us, our main goal is customer satisfaction. Your graduates will appreciate the value and worth of these cords, so order yours through Honors Graduation today!

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