Black and Orange Graduation Cord

Graduation cords may only be a small part of graduation, but they can play a big part in a commencement ceremony, representing the honor and achievements made through their school career. Having such representation, you want to get a graduation cord with the quality to last, helping them remember through the rest of their life to keep the courage to always do their best. Our high quality, all-synthetic, rayon material in the ropes will make sure this cord can last the years along with your graduates. Being there as a constant reminder of what the black and orange honor ropes represent to your students.

The black and orange honor cord is a strange, yet powerful and beautiful color combination. Black means power and control, a lot of people also will carry around something black with them to protect them from negativity. Where orange is almost the opposite, giving the sense of warmth and happiness, it is more of a cheerful color. Having a black and orange honor cord hanging around the graduates shoulders can help them have confidence, and let them feel the immense potential they carry within them as they sit at graduation. These students, knowing that they have come so far, will be given the assurance that they need so they can continue to go even farther.

The orange and black colors in these braided honor cords would pair well with many other cords to make them a double honor cord. Matching superbly with the solid orange, black, white, green, red, or even gold cords. Even as a triple honor cord any of these would go great with the black and orange twisted cord. Any combination you choose will be an incredible accessory at the commencement ceremonies, showing off the honor and success of your students, with a beautiful high quality cord.

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