Black and Light Blue Graduation Cord Picture

Black and Light Blue Graduation Cords are a great way to make someone feel special! We know you want to show your graduates how important they are on their graduation day. Honors Graduation would love to help you do that. Our graduation cords are only a minor part of the ceremony but can be a huge part of how they will look back on this special day. The usual attire for graduating students is a cap and gown with graduation cords. Traditionally graduation cords represent the significance of a student's achievements, award honor students or to simply incorporate the school colors from where the student is graduating. Our cords are pleasing to the eye and made of high quality rayon to insure they will last. Graduation cords are commonly kept by the student as a token of their commencement ceremony. Black and light blue is a great color combination for graduation cords. Black cords are very elegant, and portrays confidence, power and wealth. Light blue represent security, wisdom and devotion. These two colors together make a sleek and inspiring pair. Our black and light blue graduation cords will come with 3 strands elegantly braided, two strands of black and one strand of light blue.

Graduation cords hold for a student, pride, esteem and recognition of the hard work they have diligently accomplished. We know that depending on the type of graduation it can be years and years of their lives that they have dedicated to studying, writing exams, attending classes, and memorizing all to get to this special day. Honors Graduation wants to help make the fluidity of this commencement ceremony as hassle free as possible, we can help with the small task helping you get graduation cords. When you order through us you will be impressed at the quality of the materials and how stylish our graduation cords are. Each cord is 70 inches long and braided. These black and light blue graduation cords would look stunning at any graduation ceremony!

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